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Curated and Juried Shows

StevenLockwood has an MFA from Northern Illinois University where he was a 3D foundations instructor. Not only is Lockwood a founding member of Water Street Studios, his emphasis was being the director of Water Street Studios gallery where he showcased the artists that submitting their work to the shows. Taking his profession out of his founding gallery, he opened up doors for others artist to be showcased in other venues Lockwood was affiliated with.


Here is a full list of gallery shows he has put together. Lockwood is the Gallery Coordinator for NIU's Gallery 215. Gallery 215 is a place for grad and undergrad students to show there work to the public. It is a place of creative nurturing where students, faculty and visiting artists mature their work and ideas towards becoming a professional artist. Lockwood is for hire to curate a show in your gallery. The Gallery Curator will develop the theme for the exhibit and find an artist whose work fits that theme. The Curator will plan and implement all exhibitions including soliciting artists, budgeting, and installation of work.

Grand Opening Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2009

Juror: Steven Lockwood


Winter Show​


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2009

Guest Juror: Steve Sherrell Professor of Art - Joliet Jr. College

Summer Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2010

Guest Juror: Lee Sido Fine Art Studio Division Head, Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University.

2nd Yr Anniversary Show

Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2010

Guest Juror: Hennie ReyndersProfessor in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Winter Show

Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2010

Guest Juror: Anke Loh,Assistant Professor, Fashion Designer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Summer Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2011

Guest Juror: Lisa Gloria- Realist Painter


2nd Anniversary Show

​Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2011

Guest Juror: Corey Postiglione Associate Professor, Art History + Fine Art Columbia College Chicago


illumunate Show


illuminate explores light in all of its forms and is open to conceptual interpretation. This show is beyond anything Water Street Studios has ever done. illuminate is more of an "event" than a show. This is a dimly lit show, with the gallery's house lights off and sporadic track lights on. This show also exhibits work in the additional 3,800 sq ft space adjacent to our already large gallery. This space will have all it's lights off and feature work that is self-illuminating.

Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2012

Guest Juror: Frank Maugeri Co-Artistic Director of RedMoon

Out of the Body and Into the Woods

Gallery: Batavia Fine Art Center, 2013

Curated By Steven Lockwood


Works by Diana McNish and Jaime Foster


3rd Year Anniversary Show 2013

Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2013

​Guest Juror:Sergio Gomez, owner/Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, Curator and Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center

Summer Show

Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2013

​Guest Juror: Lelde Kalmite, Painter and Gallery Director of Bridgeport Art Center.



Side Street Studio Arts​

"Ten Essentials"

Gallery: Side Street Studio Arts​, 2012

Curated By Steven Lockwood

Carbon - Life, Decay and Beyond


Through Carbon -  Life, Decay, and Beyond, artists bring Carbon's use, its impact and its future upfront. Carbon is the element that is the basis of all known life forms. The duality of carbon to the existence of everything living, and its eventual death and decay, offers the artist multiple venues for interpretation.

Gallery: Water Street Studios

Guest Juror: Jess Mott Wickstrom

Through The Smoke, The Water and The Clay



@Batavia Fine Art Centre, Batavia
Curated By Steven Lockwood

Show runs: June 7th-Aug 4th, 2013

Works by:
Anna Kenar:
Tim Kowalczyk:
Ana Zanic:

Illusions of Reality
-Realism, Perceptions and Impersonations


@Morpho Gallery, 5216 N. Damen, Chicago

Curated by Steven Lockwood
Show runs June 29th - July 27th, 2013

Works by:

Jennifer Cronin:
Keelan McMorrow:
Tim Kowalczyk:

Summer Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2013

Guest juror: Staci Boris, Chief Curator at the Elmhurst Art Museum

Show Runs: July 12 - Aug 24th


4th Year Anniversary Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2014

4th Year Anniversary Show

Guest Juror: Glenn Wexler, photo-based american contemporary artist based in Chicago.

I AMerican


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2014

"I AMerican"

Curated by Sergio Gomez. A multi-media exhibition exploring what it means to be an "American" from the perspective of bi-cultural artists living in the US.

Exhibition Period:Jan 24th 2014 - March 30th 2014.

Spring Group Show


Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2014

Spring Group Show Guest Juror: Jenny Lam, artist agent, curator, bloggest of "Artists on the Lam."
Show Runs: April 11th  - June 28th




Gallery: Water Street Studios, 2014

Process is a themed exhibition where artists' work will be accompanied by materials that offer the viewer greater insight into the creative process that brought the work to life.

Guest Juror: Tempestt Hazel (Professional Development Manager at Chicago Artists Coalition, Director & Co-Founder Sixty Inches From Center.)


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