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Public Commissions


Regeneration Capsule
Commissioned for ComEd and Leo Burnett 2012 

700 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago 

7' x 4' x 5'

ComEd advertisement:


The concept: 
Regeneration Capsule is about passing on green ideas and wishes for the next generations that will literally be planted in the piece, and eventually grow in the interior; while the exterior represents a deteriorating cityscape. By utilizing locally hand made paper embedded with seeds, the public will be invited to write their ideas or wishes for the next generation and slide them through the plexiglass and into the refrigerator creating a “time capsule” for the future that will germinate with time. However, the outside evokes a different sentiment. The piece showcases a beautiful environment being created within while it is surrounded by decay and corrosion, but at the end of this showing, the city landscape is overgrown with vegetation from within



Commissioned Wings (Hawk Man) 

For Spectacle Lunatique 2012



Commissioned Champagne Chandelier
for Spectacle Lunatique 2013

Large Fairy Wings

Winter Pageant 2013

Mini Butterfly Wings

Winter Pageant 2013

The Drum Crane Tower

Spectacle Lunatique '14
Welded the Drums on the Tower


Redmoon presents Howard Tullman as our 2014 Galvanizer Award recipient for his work in the tech and educational fields in Chicago. Galvanizer Award & Fairy wings on presenter made by Steven Lockwood


Video Credit: Redmoon

The Separation of Three
Stainless Steel
Location: Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL

Security Dog

Bulldogs Unleashed
Location: Harris Bank, Batavia, IL

Stroboscopic Windmill

Bulldogs Unleashed

Location: Interiors For Business, Batavia, IL

Bike Racks

Stainless Steel | Paint | Limestone

Location: Batavia City Hall

Droid 8508


Steel | Paint | Rust | 3' x 2' x 2'

Location: Side Street Studios, Elgin, IL

Foundation Droid 1309


Steel | Paint | Rust | 3' x 2.5" x 2.5"

Location: Side Street Studios, Elgin, IL

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