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Our environment is an architectural backdrop designed by form and function. Lockwood’s work echoes similar geometric and linear forms built with visual design elements and principles. His work reflects an overall minimalism design that aims to reflect his love for building materials itself. He aims to evoke the feeling of tension between strength and fragility within architecture, by revealing its internal supporting structures. To do this, Lockwood creates thin layers of concrete panels that appear to be cut out sections of buildings that are pieced back together with structural supports. The imagery he references is the urban landscape, primarily in demolished and newly constructed areas of the city. These thin structural fragments are key components in the artist’s work. They test the strength in materials used in construction while juxtaposing its fragility to a paper-thin quality.






StevenLockwood has an MFA from Northern Illinois University where he was a 3D foundations instructor. Lockwood is also a co-founder of Water Street Studios and currently getting his Masters degree in sculpture at Northern Illinois University. Not only is Lockwood is a founding board member, his emphasis was being the director of the gallery where he showcased the artists that submitting their work to the shows. WSS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization devoted to expanding art in Batavia and the surrounding communities. By converting a historic limestone building in downtown Batavia we have created an amazing 16,000 sq ft arts center featuring 28 artist studios, three classrooms and two premier galleries for showcasing fine art. To learn more about us, please visit

Lockwood was the Gallery Coordinator for NIU's Gallery 215, a place for grad and undergrad students to show their work to the public. Gallery 215 is a place of creative nurturing where students, faculty and visiting artists mature their work and ideas towards becoming a professional artist.

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