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Students of all ages! 10+

"Controlling the Spark"

■ In this class you will learn the fundamental skills of sculptural metal fabrication.This can be a class for beginners who have never worked with metal, or experienced artists who want to brush up on their skills. Students will present their sculpture ideas, learn how to advance their concept into a 3D form and complete a finished product.

Students will learn to use the tools associated with metal working such as a Mig welder, angle grinder, chop saw, and jig saw to develop their artistic design. You can learn how to weld in one hour or continue the class and create your own sculpture with one-on-one instruction. This is an ongoing class were classes can be scheduled at your convenience.

□ Instructor Steven Lockwood

This is an ongoing class that is scheduled at your convenience.
□ Cost: $55 per hr

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