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Redmoon presents Howard Tullman as our 2014 Galvanizer Award recipient for his work in the tech and educational fields in Chicago. Galvanizer Award & Fairy wings on presenter made by Steven Lockwood


Video Credit: Redmoon



Commissioned Champagne Chandelier
for Spectacle Lunatique 2013



Commissioned Wings (Hawk Man) 

For Spectacle Lunatique 2012


"Regeneration Capsule"

Commissioned by ComEd & Leo Burnett.

On parade on 700 N. Michigan Avenue for the summer of 2012.

​Permanent location now at Wonder Works Children's Museum, Oak Park.

What Remains Can't Separate Us


"What Remains Can't Separate Us" starts off in a setting of a local cemetery. The contrasting elements of black and white and camera positioning make it feel like it’s the start of a scary movie. Scratching sounds of digging are loud throughout the cemetery as if it’s Morse code for calling another person underground. This phantom connection drags together what remains of the undead and wakes it out of its peaceful slumber to roam the graveyard in a search to answer this calling. The history of the bond between Man’s Best Friend and its owner is in the endless need for the other. Both parties calm the other. Even after death she still calls for me.   -A short film by Steven Lockwood, 2015

Reflected Lines


-A short film by Steven Lockwood, 2015

Outside the Car At Night


-A short film by Steven Lockwood, 2015

Dividing Lines


-A short film by Steven Lockwood, 2015


Driving on a long stretch of road is soothing to me. It’s where I get my inspiration from. It’s where I zone out and draw in my sculptures in my head. The road is used for comfort by many people but some don’t find it comfortable at all. Some find traffic and construction frustrating. I like to use materials associated with this frustration and convert it into a relaxing medium.
This video draws a road’s divided lines across the screen while moving them around. These dividing lines, changing from color and pattern, are used as instructions to the driver and show the passing of the viewer’s placement in space and time. Taking advantage of video as a medium, the constant static noise is much like a machine used as background noise to aid with sleeping, while the additional tar filled in lines and pigment of the concrete show up much like the static and hair lines that moved around the screen in older films.

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